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Keeping Seniors Independent

Representitive: Brenda Dotta

Address: 101 Timberlane Dr. Bangor, PA 18013

Description: Caregivers go into the elderly's home and help with what ever has to be done in order for the person to stay in their home.

Phone: 881 4500


Kind Hearted Hands

Representitive: Juliana Palma

Address: 591 Nottle Ave. Pen Argyl, , PA 18072

Description: Non-medical home care agency for the elderly.

Phone: 863 5432


Kirkridge Retreat Center

Representitive: Jean Richardson

Address: 2495 Fox Gap Rd. Bangor, PA 18013

Phone: 610-588-1793

Kistler Tiffany Benefits

Representitive: Ryan Schaible

Address: 1550 Pond Road Suite 130 Allentown,, PA 18104

Phone: 610 437 3606